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  • What is activated charcoal and why do we use it?
    Activated carbon (charcoal) is used to purify liquids and gases in a variety of applications, including municipal drinking water, food and beverage processing, odor removal, industrial pollution control. We think it’s important to leave the healthy minerals in your water. Activated carbon takes out the bad, and leaves you the good! For more information on the benefits of activated carbon visit:
  • Is Fluoride bad to have in my water?
    There are many different opinions on this answer. Some areas we service have naturally high Fluoride levels that are not recommended for young children or for people concerned with Floroscis. Here is what the World Health Organization says: Our system can be tailored to lower your water's Fluoride levels to acceptable standards , or we can leave it as is so you receive what you want. The choice is yours.
  • How do pesticides get into my water supply?
    The run off from farmers fields and our residential pesticide use, leaches into the ground and finds its way to our water supply. Here is a great explanation on how this happens: Our activated carbon filter removes pesticides along with thousands of other chemicals.
  • Is chlorine in our water supply bad for you?
    We know that the chlorine or Chloramine used in city water treatment plants is used for the greater good. It keeps our water healthy as it is delivered to your home. We also know that chlorine is a carcinogen. We remove Chlorine from your water once it hits your house, that way, you can safely drink and bathe from any tap in your home. The Government of Canada’s website says: “Activated carbon filters can be used to remove chlorine and its by-products. If you choose to use such a filter, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instruction.” Follow this link for more information on Chlorine: nking-water-chlorination.html
  • Do you sell reverse osmosis products?
    No. We have chosen to use activated carbon as our filter media for more than one reason. We don’t believe in stripping the water of all that is good just to get rid of what is bad. We leave the natural minerals your body needs in your water and we take out thousands of harmful chemicals. When our filter is installed, you can forget about it for 5 years! There is no need to change out costly canister filters that add extra costs month after month and year after year.
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