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Clean Water Systems is a family-run business.

15 years ago, Bob Patterson, was approached to help start a one of a kind water filter business in western Canada. 
After Bob retired and moved to Stratford to be closer to his grandkids, he and his son Stephen made the decision to start the business again in Ontario.


As the pandemic hit, Stephen and his wife Robin set up a division of Clean Water Systems in Newfoundland where Robin grew up. 


We began looking into how we could offer this unique system and how we could make it affordable to everyone.

Our kids were bathing in what smelled like an indoor chlorinated pool so we wanted to eliminate the chemicals to keep them safe. 


City water across Canada can have thousands of chemicals that our system can remove leaving healthier water at every tap in your home.


This is why we created Clean Water Systems. Offering healthier water to as many people as we can.


We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to Cleaning up your water!


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