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Clean Water Systems manufactures affordable and maintenance-free whole house water filters.

Why whole house water filtration?

Simply put...your health.

When we install water softeners in our homes to protect our appliances and our plumbing, we forget the most important part...our body. If the investment in your appliances is that important, we think the investment in your body is even more important. Chlorine is a known carcinogen.

Is chlorine bad?


Not at all.


Chlorine kills the bacteria in our water as it is delivered to your home. That is good! But that's where it should end. Once your water enters your house, it's time to remove thousands of harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides.


What makes us different?

Our system is bactericidal.


That means that bacteria can not grow inside your filter. Our unique IDS system kills bacteria within every filter. Because of this unique system, there is no reason to backwash or “clean” your filter.


This allows your filter to last 5 years without any contact or changing of filters. It also makes installation quick and easy with no power needed.


"Sandra and I are extremely happy with the Carbon filter Steve supplied and installed. We have had it for 18 months now and it has been supplying us with great tasting water ever since it was installed. Sandra particularly likes it for her morning breakfast tea. I appreciate it for the homemade beer I brew. We had to disconnect it recently when we replaced our hot water heater but it was simple to detach and then reattach when the new heater was in place."

"We highly recommend Clean Water Systems! We wanted better-tasting water at home so we could stop buying plastic bottles from the store. We also love that we don’t have any filters to change! Installation was easy and professional. Thanks!"

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